Taking mobility to a whole new level.

So in my blog “That’s a Wrap!” I discussed there being very little difference between people in different countries. However, cultural influences can definitely have their affect on individuals. For example, in Germany, if you can get there with a bike, you take the bike! I was sitting on the bus today with my roommate (Joseph Cloward. You can catch his blog here: http://josephintheworld.tumblr.com/ ) as we were heading to his birthday party across town. Upon reaching Potsdamer Platz, we were informed by the bus driver that due to a demonstration, we would have to take a detour. The streets ahead of us were completely blocked off and police officers on motorcycles were re-directing traffic. Deciding that he had had enough of the traffic and the waiting, a business man in a suit, driving a small compact car, mounts the curb causing bikers and pedestrians to spring out of his way. He proceeds to drive down the side walk, turns into the grass and parks under a tree. Once he gets out of his vehicle he hurries to the trunk where he pulls out his full-sized city bicycle and pedals quickly past the police barricade and the demonstration taking place, towards his final destination, leaving his car (which I assume is now locked) unattended and illegally parked, under a tree. Now, I always thought the Germans were efficient people, but that’s just ridiculous.


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